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Poonam Datta | Founder & CEO
Post graduate in Marketing & Business Management, and with over 20 years of diversified experience with renowned multinationals. IMC is a vision that evolved from her knowledge of how individuals play a key role in business successes.
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Business Development Manager FMCG(Saudi National)

Main Purpose – what is the main objective/purpose of the role? Develop and sustain a strategic competitive advantage in PCE's relationships with Key Accounts (Organized Trade & On-premise channels) delivering mutually profitable sustainable growth through coordinating with the internal stakeholders (Division, Region , BU & MU) and collaborating with our Key Account customers to attain preferred supplier status whilst adhering to the commercial policy. Develop and implement a comprehensive customer marketing strategy and agenda that delivers differentiated excellence at the point of sale through leveraging shopper insights & PI BPT's and coordinating with marketing, field sales and our key accounts to creatively support our innovation and H&W agenda delivering sustainable profitable growth. Accountabilities – list in priority order the main accountabilities/deliverables of the role, including key measures. These should be clearly the responsibilities of the JOB HOLDER. 1. The business development function can be divided into 2 clear clusters (key account activities and new account business, which have budgets of $55mm including: 1.1. Design and execution programmes 1.2. Promotional Offers 1.3. Countering Exclusivity 2. Market strategy development and execution: 2.1. Assist with the development of BU channels AOP/Strat plans and ensure total alignment between Sales initiatives and other functions 2.2. Lead AOP development, management approval & deployment to his/ her team. 2.3. Build Customer / Shopper insights and utilize findings to identify growth opportunities 3. Customer Marketing and Channel (Customer) Development: 3.1. Lead the development of channel specific plans 3.2. Develop & Implement marketing initiatives trade support plans & channel development initiatives delivering differentiated in-trade presence building trade loyalty. 3.3. Lead the development of Model Store / Channel merchandising standards 3.4. Develop and implement NCB's trade marketing road map dedicating sufficient resources to ensure execution excellence. 3.5. Develop and roll-out the shopper marketing agenda. 3.6. Develop customer wiring plans 4. Key Account Activities: 4.1. Deliver AOP volume and D&A spend targets for the key accounts and national business 4.2. Build collaborative relationships with PCE's key accounts to sustain a clear competitive advantage ensuring customers investment levels within AOP budget 4.3. Act as the local executive owner of Americana and Carrefour building relationships with their management teams and aligning agenda's to deliver sustainable mutually profitable growth. 5. Identify & implement optimum GTM systems to serve key accounts customers ensuring the execution teams have all the necessary tools (infra-structure, systems & people) and support to deliver a world-class service to PCE key accounts. 6. Develop & implement PCE commercial policy 7. Lead monthly commercial meeting ensuring alignment between push/ pull agenda's 8. Managing significant MEM infrastructure including placements and new investments. Given significant competitive stance MEM investment of CIRCA 15000 coolers year on year, this is the 2nd highest capital item. 9. The position is required to manage multiple locations of MEM workshops, with 173 employees. 10. Price-Pack strategy: rationalization of current SKU’s 11. Create sell-in programmes for all new product launches

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