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Poonam Datta | Founder & CEO

Post graduate in Marketing & Business Management, and with over 25 years of diversified experience with renowned multinationals. IMC is a vision that evolved from her knowledge of how individuals play a key role in business successes.

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Our Search & Placement Process

IMC have pioneered a customized search process that our clients have found to be extremely effective because we design a specific, targeted recruiting program for each project.

IMC begin by defining the scope of the assignments and creating profiles of the positions to be filled. Working closely with your people, we approach the assignment in partnership with you. Using client competitor information, our industry sources and confidential referrals, we conduct thorough research to uncover potential candidates. In addition, we draw upon the internal strength of International Management Consultants network and its sophisticated electronic capabilities.

Once potential candidates are identified, we make contact with them on a direct, personal basis. This phase – possible the most critical time of the search is two fold:

• IMC becomes your spokesperson, representing you in the professional manner in which you would represent yourself. IMC present your objectives, as well as the opportunities, responsibilities and potential of your positions.
• IMC examine the qualifications of the candidates against the comprehensive profiles developed during the planning stage. Only when a strong mutual interest between you and the candidate is determined does the process continue.

Once evaluated, only the outstanding candidates are presented for your consideration. We also assist client in scheduling and monitoring the interview process with your management team.

While you alone make the decision on the best candidate for your organization, we assist you during this critical phase. Reference checks provide you with invaluable information to help you make the right choice. We offer counsel and facilitate communications on salary terms, relocation and benefits.

We also assist the candidate through the emotional process of resigning from their present position, including dealing with counter offers.

Our goal is to provide people who will contribute to your corporate goals and make a real impact on your organization. We maintain contact with you and the candidate to ensure that this goal is accomplished.

Approach to a Search – Steps to a Placement
• Take A Complete Search Profile (We interview client)
• Develop A Recruiting Plan (Define fit and set target candidates)
• Do A File Search
• Name Gathering
• Candidate Contact (Start Calling)
• Building Candidate Profile (Interviewing and background checks)
• Present Candidate to Principal – Employer
• Set-Up 1st Interview
• Prep Candidate for 1st Interview
• Prep Employer for 1st Interview
• Debrief Candidate
• Debrief Employer
• Set-Up 2nd Interview
• Check References
• 2nd Interview Prep To Candidate (Trial Closing)
• 2nd Interview Prep To Employerv • Confirm 2nd Interview with Employer & Candidate
• Debrief Candidate (Closing)
• Debrief Employer (Closing)
• Closing & Negotiating
• Offer Acceptance & Start Date
• Prep Candidate to Resign
• Resignation Debrief
• Stay In Touch With Candidate
• Confirm Candidate Has Started
• Stay In Touch With Candidate and New Employer

The key to a successful search is to determine the proper match for both the Client and the Candidate. This will begin by IMC interviewing the Client to agree on the desired requirements. After signing off on the agreed target candidates, we will then begin to set up an interview process.


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