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Digital Capture Manager (Medical Device)

Function Summary: The DR Manager has a major role in the rapid development of digital sales capability in the sub clusters. Responsible for providing technical, sales, marketing and business support for the portfolio of Digital Radiography The role has strong emphasis delivering training and development of training materials for rapid development of CSH and dealer sales teams. Lead marketing execution activities on new DR launch, localisation of regional marketing plans to sub cluster countries and measurement of sales success. Provide “Level 1” applications support for the Digital Imaging product portfolio, including demonstrations, some customer training, and problem solving. Given that this role is the first dedicated digital DR sales resource in the sub cluster, the DSS will have a wide range of responsibilities. Detail: Key Job Requirements 1. Understanding of the Application: Need to understand the applications for CSH DR products from the customers viewpoint. Includes image quality appreciation, x-ray imaging workflow of CR, DR, PACS workflow as examples. Provide “Level 1” applications support for the Digital Imaging product portfolio, including demonstrations. Must understand the implications of systems integration issues in digital environments. 2. Channel Management Expertise: Needs to have a strong understanding of CSH’s Channel business at the local and regional level. Strong negotiation skills for the development of channel agreements. Ability to assist in the review and selection of new/existing channels for supporting DR portfolio. 3. Technical, Tactical Sales Support: Able to provide pre-sales support for OEMs, CSH and Dealer sales teams. This includes ensuring correct configurations for a customer contract. Ability to provide a high level of technical and marketing support to the sales team in both pre and post sales. Provides technical, tactical sales and pricing support to CSH and Dealer sales teams during the sales process which includes helping with tender/proposal preparation and competitive selling tactics. Will be a key member of bid teams for digital sales opportunities – in some cases will be the bid team leader. Need to monitor all major DR opportunities and ensure local sales teams are progressing these opportunities to contract closures. 4. Regional Business Team Support & Communication: Will provide the Business Vertical Team with brief status reports of DR sales/ prospects across the cluster. With the Sales Managers, can help investigate performance gaps and recommend actions for gap closure or growth opportunities. 5. Sales Team Development, Training and Presentations: Major Role: Is to rapidly develop the channel and CSH sales teams to sell and support new DR products in particular. Must frequently provide training to CSH sales, dealers on DR products and services along with the associated marketing strategies. Must develop other self-teach tools and documentation to allow CSH and channel sales team to quickly learn about DR products. Must provide documentation and sales tools in a highly organised fashion. 6. Business Plan Development Assistance: Will play a key role in developing business and implementation plans in conjunction with the Sales Managers, Business Development and Marketing teams for the launch of new products into the Cluster. Will ensure all key business elements are factored into an implementation plan. 7. Product Launch Skills, Strong marketing and project management skills: Has strong marketing and project management skills for introduction and launch of new products. Need to be able to produce local launch plans along with the required business cases. Need to have product/service portfolio management skills. Needs to collect competitive information AND produce competitive selling tools. Needs to provide structured feedback to WW development teams (via the Marketing and Business development teams) on new product and service requirements for the cluster. 8. Contact Network Development: Must be very proactive in developing strong relationships with many specialist support groups in and outside the region. Expected to have an extensive communication network including other digital specialists in the region. 9. Maintaining Price Controls and Strategy Alignment: Ability to implement pricing controls and pricing coordination across the whole cluster while maintaining alignment with WW and Regional strategies. This includes the ability to directly manage pricing to the OEMs in the cluster. Will have a key role in assessing profitability of significant digital sales opportunities, which spans across the Business Verticals. 10. Problem Solving Processes: Requires solid problem solving skills including customer management and coordinating the resources required. This requires strong working relationships with various service support teams and other digital specialists in the Region and Worldwide. 11. Configuration Checking: Required to ensure that OEM modalities and third party equipment will smoothly interface with CSH systems. Any known problems should be communicated to the Sales team before an installation to ensure customer expectations are set correctly. 12. Background: Bachelors Degree in IT related disciplines/Engineering/Radiography or Marketing and Sales. This role will have an increasing emphasis on sales team development, marketing and strategy. Travel is required. Strong ability to self-learn new product information, technologies and customer workflows. Able to work without close supervision. Excellent presentation and communication skills are important for this part of the role. The person holding this position will have highly proficient PC and PC applications skills. Must be resourceful in seeking out information, sales tools, and documentation from many internal and external sources. 3. Language: English/Arabic and French - Must

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