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Skill Matrix
- As rightly mentioned, it is a way to capture the skills required for a particular job.
- This can be of two types again: 1. Technical Skill Matrix, 2. Behavioral Skill Matrix
- It is a way, where, you can or should identify the Skills required for a particular job, in a particular department / team.
- Then map the identified skills, with the technical expertise available, categorizing them as "Experts", "OK", "Basic" etc., or to be more clear and easy to understand and analyses the data, you may capture the details as per the years of experience, they had in using / implementing that particular skill.

Benefits of Skill Matrix:
- As mentioned, it can be best used for Training, for cost effectiveness.
- Along with that, it can also be used for developing strategies like succession planning, recruitment strategies, etc.,

Developing Skill Matrix:
- As mentioned, through performance appraisals. But, I feel this is not the best way of capturing the same.
- According to my understanding, (Please correct me if wrong) Skill matrix needs a varied inputs, it can be prepared
- Through a detailed understanding of the Project profiles that the company undertake
- Discussion or focused group discussions with the Top Management, to understand the expertise required to perform the project
- Inputs taken from Job Descriptions
- One to one interactions with the employees, and discussions with the HODs, and the PMS system, can help in identifying the expertise available on a particular skill.

Example of Implementation of Skill Matrix:
- The best example, where implementation of a skill matrix is more beneficial is the Recruitment consultancies, and Job Portals.
- If the details given by the Client, is segregated in the form of a matrix, with the skills required and the experience / expertise, then
- From the Profile, one has again this can easily be identified through the Skill matrix, which is / should be already developed, from the Candidate CV downloaded.

This is just an easy and live example, of the best implementation and utilization of a Skill Matrix.
Similarly, an organization generally develop Skill matrix, One Behavioral, which is generally the same across the company and Different Technical Skill Matrices, for each of the department.

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