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Poonam Datta | Founder & CEO

Post graduate in Marketing & Business Management, and with over 20 years of diversified experience with renowned multinationals. IMC is a vision that evolved from her knowledge of how individuals play a key role in business successes.

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Experiences as Gifts
You could show your thanks with gifts. Its effect is very much felt in the corporate arena. Businessmen hand out gifts to their partners as well as customers in order to let them know how much they are thankful of their part in the growth of the venture.

It has been a custom that high-priced gifts are given out to significant customers, those that contribute significantly to the company. Cheaper presents are given to company staff and managers. However, business presents have transformed to involve services as well as experiences. You let them experience something recent and unique. Here are a few examples of those:

1. Lessons. Lessons are superb for persons who are accustomed to doing something. You may sign up an executive as well as a client for a lesson on motorcycle driving, rock climbing, swimming, even arts and crafts. Commonly, these lessons may be over in a certain number of hours and cover different phases of the course. Outdoor lovers will definitely love this.

2. Pampering. You could also uphold wellness. You can give some salon certificates to spas as well as salons. Your staff will sincerely feel relaxed as well as capable of surviving the problems that the job would entail. Few perfect treats they can obtain are body scrub, massage, manicure as well as pedicure, or even a nice hair styling.

3. Personal Assistant. Any busy person would love this. You can simply ask some agencies who can help you look for one. A company executive might be presented at most two PAs. This person may arrange occasions as well as travels or do shopping for him. The responsibility may even be as simple as fetching a hot drink from the nearby coffee shop.

4. Personal Trainers. Personal trainers can either be in-house or in the office. Without elaborating, he or she should be capable to teach all kinds of disciplines. He or she would watch out for the general wellness as well as benefits that the receiver may need.

A present has its equivalent price. However, they're the best testaments of how much you value the receivers. They'll all be confident to help you out more. That's more than what cash can acquire.

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