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Poonam Datta | Founder & CEO

Post graduate in Marketing & Business Management, and with over 25 years of diversified experience with renowned multinationals. IMC is a vision that evolved from her knowledge of how individuals play a key role in business successes.

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Leadership that leaves a legacy

Favored leaders are good communicators, charismatic, enthusiastic, humble, humane and possess a good sense of humor. Besides knowledge and competence, there are certain qualities which in my opinion differentiate truly exceptional leaders. So what do these leaders do -

1.  Create more leaders
2.  Bring out the best from their teams
3.  Mentor and motivate
4.  Appreciate
5.  Empower
6.  Instill ethics & values
7.  Embrace lessons learnt from failure
8.  Celebrate every success no matter how small

Have you experienced a leader who had such qualities? In the comments section, let’s pay them a tribute with their quality that stood out.

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