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Post graduate in Marketing & Business Management, and with over 20 years of diversified experience with renowned multinationals. IMC is a vision that evolved from her knowledge of how individuals play a key role in business successes.

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5 Ways to Start a Good Day
I can bet that every single person on this planet has had a day in which everything happening seemed to be wrong. After having both very bad and very good days, I asked myself: ‘What are actually those things that make your day bad?’ After doing some research I figured out that this was the wrong question. You should never be a pessimist! So I tried to find another way to put this kind of questions: ‘What are the steps to avoid having a bad day?’ or, much better, ‘What are the steps to start a good day?’.

1. Sleep well
A good day always starts with a good night, so make sure that you have a peaceful, restful sleep. For doing that you should also consider some advice: don’t stay awake until it’s getting too late, but also, don’t go to sleep if you are not in the mood to nod (11 PM is a reasonable hour); you should never eat much before dropping asleep, because it could bring about some nightmares; you should also have a comfortable bed and a comfortable pillow, avoiding any morning pain.

2. Start with something you like
The perfect moment for you to get up is when the sun rises. After doing this, try not to rush. Try to find some entertaining activities, like listening to radio (or you may want to play with your lovely pet! Try to make its day as good as yours :D ). You might not reckon the benefits of doing this, but it really counts! Nevertheless, you shouldn’t get into very consumptive activities, because of that whole day laying in front of your eyes.

3. Don’t forget your breakfast
Scientists say that the most important meal of the day is breakfast. You should never overlook its benefits, even if you were in a big hurry, even if that wasn’t meant to be your ‘perfect’ day. Take your time! A good menu usually consists of food that’s providing lots of vitamins and energy (milk, cereals, eggs, toast etc.). You should avoid eating junk food in the morning (things like fats and calories are not your friends).

4. Be confident
When wake up and look in the mirror, the only thing you should see is the good-looking ‘you’. Nobody cares about that huge pimple on your face, or about your big nose, or about your thick legs! Whoever likes you, likes you the way you are. And the most important person that has to like you is yourself! If you like yourself, the others will see that and overlook your little defects.

5. Where are your friends?
When you’re having a good day, a way to make it perfect is to be surrounded by your best friends. No matter they are part of the family or simple mates, they will surely notice that you’re in the mood. So take your chance! Make them part of your joy and you won’t be disappointed. You should always remember that the most important things in life are friends and love. Take care!

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